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The Beginning of the Wyndholme Village
Family Tree

     Meet the people essential to the creation and development of Wyndholme Village.  It was Grace and Jerry Lancelotta who inspired their son, Jim, to explore the possibility of creating a model community designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing seniors.  After meeting Barbara Willigan and the Maryland Association of the Deaf Senior Citizens Committee, Jim Lancelotta was more determined than ever to build Wyndholme Village.
Harry and Rose Redman with their daughters Albina and Grace. All but Grace were deaf. She married Jerry Lancelotta in 1950.
Grace and Jerry Lancelotta with their son, Jim - the developer of Wyndholme Village.
Barbara Willigan, shown with her parents. Mr. James Stirling, III, Lynn, Barbara, James, Jr., and Mrs. Marguerite Stirling. Mr. Stirling was the first deaf private airplane pilot in the United States.
The existing Lancelotta Estate house built, circa 1850, will remain at it's present location until several parts of the community are completed.
Official Ground-Breaking Ceremony
at Wyndholme Village
June 30, 1998
Gallaudet University president, I. King Jordan (left) and Maryland School for the Deaf superintendent, James Tucker (right) visit Wyndholme Village with Jim Lancelotta.

The Mayor of Baltimore, Kurt Schmoke, signing the Planned Unit Development
Zoning documentation in December, 1996. Shown are members of the Lancelotta
and Associates Wyndholme Village development and marketing team,
along with members of the deaf community.
Put down your roots and become a part of the
~  Wyndholme Village Family Tree  ~