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People of Wyndholme Village

The staff at Wyndholme Village are a group of dedicated people.
They are pleased to welcome you to a new and enjoyable lifestyle at Wyndholme Village.

James M. Lancelotta
Managing Partner
Wyndholme Village, LLC

Barbara A. Willigan
Executive Vice President
Wyndholme Village Operations

Scott MacDonald
Senior Vice President
Wyndholme Village Marketing

William Braughton
JLance Construction, Inc.
Wyndholme Village Construction

Jennifer Willigan
Sales Manager
Wyndholme Village

Mitzi Bramble
Wyndholme Village

Svetlana Zinovieva
Design/Architecture Assistant
Wyndholme Village

Laird MacDonald

Wyndholme Village

Joe Watson
Grounds & Maintenance Manager
Wyndholme Village

John Ennis
Grounds & Maintenance Assistant
Wyndholme Village

Milton Sahm
Grounds & Maintenance Assistant
Wyndholme Village